I’m always looking for kindred spirits on my journey to build an uncommon brain. 

Trite, but true: feedback and reader questions are fuel and often spark new ideas.

I’d love to hear from you! Please send criticisms, questions, comments, ideas, or book suggestions. 

Still, this is the internet, so I have to issue a few caveats. People I’d rather not hear from: 

  • Spammers telling me my site could benefit from a Full SEO Review
  • Businesses offering affiliate partnerships – I’m not currently looking to make money from the site
  • Speculative guest post writers – I’m not currently accepting guest posts, but if you’re genuinely interested in the topics I cover, I’d be happy to get acquainted!

If you are none of the above, I look forward to hearing from you. I do my best to respond to every note, but it might take me a while to get back to you. If you’d like a quicker response, you can find me on Twitter here