How to Enjoy a Period of Change

how to enjoy change

We've all felt it. You become fascinated by a new idea and spend hours obsessively reading everything you can about it. You meet someone new and are blown away by them. You find a new job opportunity and refresh your email every fifteen seconds, hoping for an offer. Suddenly, the ground you walk on is… Continue reading How to Enjoy a Period of Change

Fear Setting: How to Do Great Big Things

My alarm beeped. I jolted awake as the early morning San Francisco sunlight cut through the fog and poured through the open blinds. I groggily pulled my bath towel snug around my shoulders in a futile attempt to guard against the cold of my heatless room. I rolled over, my head on the edge of… Continue reading Fear Setting: How to Do Great Big Things

Playing Grand Theft Life

grand theft life in New York City

Let's say I offer you a chance to peer into a tiny box. In the box, there's a card. On the card, there's a number. The number is how many hours you have left to live. It would take a lot of courage to look at that number. But you're young and healthy, so you… Continue reading Playing Grand Theft Life