Fear Setting: How to Do Great Big Things

My alarm beeped. I jolted awake as the early morning San Francisco sunlight cut through the fog and poured through the open blinds. I groggily pulled my bath towel snug around my shoulders in a futile attempt to guard against the cold of my heatless room. I rolled over, my head on the edge of… Continue reading Fear Setting: How to Do Great Big Things

Playing Grand Theft Life

grand theft life in New York City

Let's say I offer you a chance to peer into a tiny box. In the box, there's a card. On the card, there's a number. The number is how many hours you have left to live. It would take a lot of courage to look at that number. But you're young and healthy, so you… Continue reading Playing Grand Theft Life

Our Shared Language Problem

language holding you back

I think we have a language problem. I hear it all the time. Someone's talking about starting a business, finding the perfect partner, or learning a technical skill. Then they say something like, "But that’s impossible.” Alas. Those things are genuinely hard to do. They take time. The path to success is rife with failure… Continue reading Our Shared Language Problem

How Likely Are You to Find a Life Partner?

life partner

Common sense and anecdotal evidence suggest finding a life partner is a crapshoot. Like craps, it's a game that few people win - a third of people never get married, and about 40% of married couples end up running for the exit at some point. Yes, some of these are second and third marriages, but… Continue reading How Likely Are You to Find a Life Partner?

Take Advantage of Wet Cement

take advantage of an opportunity

"There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen." -Vladimir Lenin  Let's face it. Most of the time, you don't have much going on. You go about your normal life, day after day. But then something happens.  You come home to your partner nude FaceTiming his personal trainer. Your safe, secure… Continue reading Take Advantage of Wet Cement